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About Our Legal Videography Services

Grove & Associates proudly offers professional videography for our clients. Our videographers are certified and experienced, so we are ready to handle your most important testimony.

In the last five years, videography has become extremely popular for cases involving critical expert witness testimony as well as preserving fact witness testimony. We now offer synchronized video-to- transcript testimony, making your video fully searchable thus saving you time. Our product also requires no additional litigation support software and allows you to quickly make clips for impeachment purposes at trial or to organize a presentation of testimony for mediations or settlement conferences.

We have also created a 'client portal' to give you secure digital access to all of your videos and important case documents. You will receive a secure password and be able to access your content from computers, smart phones, and tablets. This allows for faster delivery of your important files and 24/7 access!

Our team at Grove & Associates is ready to handle your critical testimony

Legal Videography

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Why Choose Video?

Video testimony provides critical details which cannot be conveyed through a transcript. Many experts refer to documents, x-rays, and other images to present their testimony. Also, when people speak they can hesitate, have voice inflections, and use their facial expressions. These subtle details can be very persuasive to a jury and convey more than what was said.

Synchronized Video

Grove & Associates has partnered with YesLaw to provide you with a fully integrated product. This includes video, streaming transcript, and the ability to display hyperlinked exhibits. This allows our clients to take "clips" of key testimony and search within videos and transcripts for keywords. All of these tools are built to make you more effective, efficient, and stay organized.

Video & Text Streaming

We have partnered with Remote Counsel to offer video and/or text streaming services. Video and text can be sent securely over the internet so you can access all of your materials from anywhere. We will provide you with your own secure login and password so all of your materials are at your fingertips. This helps our clients to stay organized and always have key documents handy.

We are conveniently located five minutes from the DuPage County Courthouse!

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