Thomas Knight


Court Reporting
September 7, 2017

Our firm has used Grove & Associates as our regular reporters not only since the firm began, but for a long time before it began! Several of their reporters were our favorite choices when they worked with a different service; and when they all began working with Grove, we thought it was terrific.

We do a great deal of medical negligence and other complex personal injury litigation. Many very qualified reporters have trouble with the technical vocabulary and frequently difficult delivery of the medical care provider witnesses we commonly depose. The Grove & Associates’ reporters are the very best I have seen in handling those problems well.

In my opinion, one of the true tests of a reporter’s skill is how well they do when you ask them to find and/or read back a question. I have never been disappointed with a Grove reporter in that situation. They are real professionals, and invariably, the witness knows beyond a doubt that he or she is going to have to live with every word said. Not only are the Grove reporters the most talented we have worked with, they also consistently have been on the cutting edge of reporting technology. They were the first I knew who were doing real time reporting and doing it very well.

Kathie and her associates also bring a welcome sense of personal dedication to their work – and to our work. They seem always willing to accommodate the exigencies that inevitably crop up. Their turn-around time is excellent and they just do what needs to be done to help the attorneys do what they have to do — and always with a smile.

We have used Grove & Associates forever, and will continue to do so. We highly recommend them to any attorneys striving for the best reporting work they can get.