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Court Reporting

Over 40 Years of Court Reporting Experience!

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Grove & Associates has over 40 years of experience in court reporting. All of our court reporters are certified and have extensive experience in every conceivable area of litigation. We pride ourselves on professionalism and dependability, so you can always trust that your transcripts will be accurate and delivered on your timeline, not ours.

Our reporters take tremendous pride in the quality of their work, and our clients notice. The reason we build such strong and lasting relationships with our clients is because we only send court reporters we trust. Your case matters; therefore, it is critical to our firm that your transcripts are accurate and delivered on time.

Our court reporters can deliver your transcripts electronically, via our online client portal, or printed and mailed. Different clients have different preferences, and our team is ready to accommodate whatever works best for you!

Legal Videography

CLVS-Certified Legal Videography Services

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Grove & Associates proudly offers professional videography for our clients. In the last five years videography has become extremely popular for cases involving critical expert witness testimony.

Our videographers are certified and experienced, so we are ready to handle your most important testimony. We now offer synchronized videos, which matches the video with the transcript testimony to help you stay organized and save you time.

Also, we have created a 'client portal' to give you secure digital access to all of your videos and important case documents. You will receive a secure password and be able to access your content from computers, smart phones, and tablets. This allows for faster delivery of your important files and 24/7 access!

Video Conferencing

Premium and Reliable Video Conferencing Services

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Grove & Associates proudly offers premium video conferencing for our clients. We use a professional Polycom High-Definition system for our video conferencing because first impressions matter. Premium video conferencing systems offer the clearest quality picture and audio available in today's market so our clients always make a great impression.

When you book a video conference with Grove & Associates, we will also provide you with a private and dignified conference space. Our goal is to supply you with everything you need to project confidence and represent yourself well.

Whether your video conference is for a deposition, company meeting, sales call, or interview, the quality of the call matters. Our clients know when they book with us that they have the resources of a fully staffed office and the highest quality equipment/amenities.

Over the last decade, video conferencing has become extremely popular as an alternative to travel. Video conferencing is much more affordable and convenient and has become a go-to service for many of our top clients.

No matter what your specific needs are, Grove & Associates has the equipment, conference rooms, and office staff to get the job done.

Grove & Associates

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Areas of Expertise

  • Depositions
  • Trials
  • Realtime Reporting
  • Video/Realtime Internet Streaming
  • Statements
  • Hearings
  • Arbitration
  • Conventions
  • Board Meetings
  • Annual Meetings
  • Municipal Public Hearings
  • Telephonic Proceedings
  • Legal Videography
  • Video Conferencing
  • Interpreters

Transcripts & Technology

  • Multiple Delivery Options (i.e., Realtime, Immediate, Daily, Expedited, or Regular)
  • Condensed
  • Keyword Index
  • Rough ASCII
  • ASCII Disk
  • PDF Transcripts with Hyperlinked Exhibits Attached
  • E-Transcripts
  • E-Mail Transcript
  • Document Imaging
  • Digital Record Production
  • Bound and Tabbed Exhibits

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