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Ethical Billing Practices for Court Reporters in DuPage County
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Our Court Reporting Ethical Billing Practices

Grove & Associates Reporting and Video Services is a firm participant in the National Court Reporters Ethics First Program, the major tenet of which is: "The impartiality and neutrality of the court reporter is of the utmost importance in maintaining an unbiased legal system."

What does our participation in this court reporting ethical service program mean to you,ethical billing for court reporters the client and consumer of our services?

  • We will treat all sides in litigation fairly and impartially, not giving an advantage to any one side.
  • We will not engage in "rewards programs" or "gift-giving," which would be in violation of this policy. Why does this benefit you, the consumer? Make no mistake, those costs are ultimately recovered with various billing practices. We'll take the high road and not discuss ALL those here, but be on the lookout for things such as "Administrative Fee," or a personal favorite, the "Archival Fee."
  • We do not take the "throw the spaghetti against the wall and see what sticks" approach of billing (i.e., billing you for every format under the sun, sending it to you, and hoping you don't question the bill). Our professional reporters ask you at the end of the deposition how you wish to receive your transcript, and you are billed only for those formats.
  • Once an original transcript is ordered and prepared, we will NEVER charge an Original cost for that transcript again. If it is ordered by another party to the litigation five years later, it is sold at the Copy price.
  • We believe in providing a superior product at a fair cost. Whether it be a court reporting transcript, medical transcripts, meeting minutes, etc., we are pretty old- fashioned in our views from this perspective. There are no third-party salesmen to pay; no gift cards to be bought for depositions set. Instead, we focus on being knowledgeable about our industry and keeping abreast of the technology in our offerings.

Contact us if you have any questions about your bill! We want to be certain you are satisfied with our service and billing process.



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